Automatic barriers for parking

Automatic chain lifts are automation able to raise and lower a chain through one or more coded remote controls. They are fantastic for regulating the access of cars and heavy vehicles in personal locations or at car parks where authorization is required to access. The chain lifters are available in various models to manage chains around 16 meters long. With this kit’s installation, you may no longer be forced to raise and lower the chain manually to get your parking area or your home.

Buy the kit DO-IT-YOURSELF to automate gates, gates, barriers, and lifts-chain. It means saving money without sacrificing the least to the top quality and security. You’ll find complete kits for automatic gates in the online shop, if they are folding or with doors or sliding and powered in 24Vdc or 230Vac. Also available are automation kits such as overhead doors and complete kits for chain-raising and barrier-raising systems, perfect as a method to safeguard your premises or parking area.

It is also possible to purchase online different components or accessories to automate gates, doors, and barriers, such as the controller units for gates, photocells and flashing lights, gearmotors, and spare remote controls, Install secure and high-quality automation, Choose and save with automazioni rimini you’ll have support, safety, good chances to customize your kit, All automation supplied are covered by guarantee, made with high-quality components, finish with clear directions for easy do-it-yourself assembly.

The parking area saver bollard mounted around the ground and with battery operation is also available. Automation of maximum ease increases and lowers a chain having a maximum length of 10 meters automatically, by radio command, button, or essential control. You can protect your parking or reserved area readily and at a meager cost. The chain on one side is fixed to the wall along with other fixed support, and also on the other side, it is raised and lowered thanks to the motorized column.